From sun up to sundown, I spend every free moment with my beautiful son. My days are filled with Play Doh, Old McDonald songs and children's books. Throughout my life I never imagined I'd be a children's author. Though I studied English for my undergraduate work, and Education for my Master's degree, I always envisioned myself as a novelist. However, life has an amazing way of self correcting itself. With the birth of my son he is the pure focus of my life.

As a University professor, I spend my days teaching my students to perfect the English language. When I come home from work, I carry those lessons into my home and into my son's life (poor little guy) My goal is to perfect the art of written lullabies.

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I am a freelance illustrator for children books as well as a mother of two children. I've loved to draw and create since I was very young. My interest in art has always been wide ranging. I majored in Interior Design in college but I wasn't sure what I truly wanted to do it for the rest of my life. Towards the end of my university career, I found that I love antique, classic-style art and stumbled into making handmade books. Currently, I'm working on making handmade custom-ordered books with my illustrations and I love my job with all my heart.

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