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Angela Lee


My passion of creating body care products was sparkled when I transitioned to a tiny house on wheels in a beautiful town of Northern California. Living off grid surrounded by nature inspired me to become more mindful of what I put on my body as well as what we leave on the earth. 
At Cetonia, we carefully source our ingredients, handcraft in small batches, and test each batches.
Creating beauty without leaving a mess on our earth is our goal. We have switched from plastic to glass or compostable material for many of our product packaging. Everyday, we are one step closer to our goal. 
Join us on our journey and let us bring a little joy to your life.
Welcome to Cetonia Bath & Body, natural skincare made by people who care.  

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Duncans Mills, California

Duncans Mills


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Thurs - Monday: 10am - 5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed


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